China Made Oscillation Lamp 7T85RB,Toshiba Oscillator Tube 7T85RB

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 Detailed Product Description
Install Style: Plug-in Type: Amplifier
Model Number: FU7085F(7T85RB) Frequency: High Frequency
Function: Power Triode Power: Medium Power
High Light:

vacuum electron tube


vacuum electron devices

FU7085F 5KW vacuum electron tube equivalent to 7T85RB for hf dielectric heating, induction heating
The FU7085F is a ceramic-metal triode. It has thoriated tungsten cathode and forced air cooling of
plate. The tube maximum plate dissipation is 2.5kW
(Intermittent) and maximum frequency operation is 110MHz.
The tube is designed for oscillator in the industry high
frequency heating applications.
The tube can replace 7T85RB.
Cathode........Thoriated Tungsten
Filament Voltage.......6.3V
Filament Current......31~38A
Amplification Factor...21
Interelectrode Capacitances:
Filament to Grid........15pF
Filament to Plate..0.5pF
Grid to Plate.......13pF
Overall Length...221mm
Overall Diameter.130mm
Net Weight.....2.5kg
Mounting PositionVertical, Plate Up or Down
Cooling......Forced Air
Air Flow.......3.3m3
Static Pressure Loss....... 170Pa
Maximum Envelope Temperature 250 degrees centigrade
Continious , Intermittent
Plate Voltage.... 7.5, 8 kV
Plate Current.... 0.9, 1.0 A
Grid Current...... 200, 250 mA
Grid Resistor. 4500, 4500 ohm
Output Power... 5.1, 6 kW
Note :
Values for intermittent service are those for 30
seconds of operating time and 50% of duty Factor.
FU7085F 5KW Electron Vacuum Tube For Industrial High Frequency Heating 1China Made Oscillation Lamp 7T85RB,Toshiba Oscillator Tube 7T85RB


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